Evernote and Google

Evernote and Google recently announced they are working together. (See the announcement here.) Now you will be able to include files from your Google Drive into your Evernote Notes. Right now, this is only available for Android and web users (Chrome browser only). Sorry, iOS folks.

After signing up to Beta test the partnership, I can tell you I am pretty pleased. Once I connected my Google Drive, it was simple to bring in files while using the web version on my Chrome browser. When you click the Google “triangle”, the default is “all files”. You can immediately use the Google search bar to find your file. You can also change to folders, music, photos, etc. It was quite easy to do.

The Android app was a little more difficult, but mainly because I didn’t see the Google symbol. On my phone (Samsung s5), I used the paperclip to link to files. The default was to my camera. I have 3 Google accounts on my phone. Once I chose the account I wanted, there came my folders just like expected.

I am looking forward to getting back into my Evernote account. I think this is a great partnership.

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