Visiting the Tiger’s Den


This week I had the privilege of conducting a professional learning opportunity at Columbia High School (the Tigers) in Lake City, FL. It was the first time I had conducted a PLO outside of my own district. This particular session was an Introduction to G Suite for Education, specifically how to manage your Google Drive and using Google Docs for collaboration.

I want to thank Valerie Tilton (@valerietilton) for arranging this event. I really enjoyed meeting these amazing educators. The group had an upbeat spirit and were very interested in learning. As we walked through the presentation, it was clear that this group of educators were comfortable with each other. When we began learning how to share documents, the fun really began. Watching them realize just how easy it was to collaborate with each other made my spirit soar.

The highlight of the session for me was when the participants started getting their own ideas about how they could collaborate with each other. Our time together ended with excitement as different teams began thinking about what they could share to reduce workloads and to increase excitement in their classrooms.

I look forward to doing more sessions like this one. It really is a treat for me to be able to watch educators get excited.

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