Our Reactions

This post isn’t about who I voted for. I really think that isn’t the point right now. This post is about our collective reactions to the outcome of a very bitter and vile campaign season. Both of the primary candidates vilified entire populations of people. The Republican candidate, Donald Trump, spewed nasty comments about a variety of honest, hard working Americans. The Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, did the same thing about other groups of honest, hard working Americans. There is blame for both sides.

In the aftermath of the election, there continues to be hatred being spouted on both sides by their supporters. This isn’t good for us. The American trash can has been dumped out. We can either ignore it and continue to let the trash pollute our landscape or we can begin the dirty work of cleaning it up. We all have a job to do.

There is no place for any of us to marginalize our neighbors. When our children join their peers to make others uncomfortable, we have the obligation to step in and teach them better. When cowards paint graffiti on walls telling others they aren’t welcome, that’s terrorism and must be stopped. When we don’t agree with each other’s opinions, it is up to us adults to set the standard for how to handle it.

I call on both candidates to speak against the hatred that is happening. They need to come together to ask – no, DEMAND – that it stop.

As far as what I will do in my classroom tomorrow, I will teach. I will not be wearing a safety pin. I will continue to be a safe place for ALL of my students.  I will not marginalize those students that I feel I truly need to reach, those that need a better role model. I will be available for all opinions. I will stand up against hatred. I will not allow my students, or anyone, to be bullied.


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