Edcamp NABSE

Several weeks ago, I got a private message on Voxer. Knikole Taylor was seeking my help to create an edcamp on the last day of the NABSE conference in Tampa. She was seeking educators in the local area to support bringing this amazing professional development idea to the membership. I was deeply honored that she had reached out to me. I shared with her a few other names that I thought might be interested in helping. Very quickly a team was formed. Beyond Knikole and I, there was also Kimberly Lane, Fran Siracusa, Dene Gainey, and Jennifer Williams.

Since then, the team has discussed the plans needed to create a successful edcamp. Each member has worked to provide the participants the best experience we could. In the end, I truly believe there wasn’t one single participant that didn’t leave with increased knowledge and empowerment. Oh, yeah. They all had swag as well. Lots of swag.

It may have been a small event, but it was truly powerful. The conversations were extremely valuable, as you can see from the session board.


By the end of the day, I can honestly say I am grateful to have been a part of this event.

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