Winter Break


Regardless of what your winter break looks like, there may be some down time where you find yourself wondering what to do. Here are a few ideas to help get you ready to return to the classroom in January.

Edcamp Voxer

Using the free Voxer app (iOS, Android, and web), connect to educators from around the world from December 27th – December 29th. There are a variety of topics available around the clock. The great thing about the Voxer platform is that you can listen when you can, respond in either voice or text and even go back and listen to the conversation (once you enter the chat) at any time. Check it out.

Ted Talkswarm-559113_1280

There are hours and hours of amazing video about education. I encourage you to branch out. Create a free account. Keep track of what you watch. Find items outside of your comfort zone. Browse the Ted-Ed Videos. There are lots of amazing lesson plans available to all.


Check out the awesome Twitter Chats happening throughout the week about a variety of
topics. You don’t even need a Twitter account if you go to Search for your state chat, your subject, or anything that may interest you.


I know this can be a time drainer. But, by setting specific goals, Pinterest can be a very
christmas-1813155_1280useful tool in the classroom. I generally use my coffee cup timer method. I give myself one cup of coffee. I work as long as that cup is hot. If I need to heat it up, it’s time to get up. Pinning boards for future lessons is very inspiring to me.


iTunes/Google Play

Find a new app or two and experiment with it. What can you learn from this exploration? Who knows. If you need permission to download a silly game, you have it. Not everything has to be classroom related. But, while you are playing that silly game, you may just find yourself inspired to do something new in your classroom when you return.

What ever you do with your downtime, enjoy it.


One thought on “Winter Break

  1. Hey there Tammy. I do love two apps right now, okay four: NearPod, Buncee, Explain Everything and Inspiration. I have played some but will do so more now that I have the time. Thanks for all that you do!!


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