What Didn’t Work?

Let me back up just a bit. This week I’ve been having a fantastic conversation on Voxer with several members of the #EduMatch Voxer group about the effectiveness of Twitter chats. It has been the type of conversation that pushes your thinking. As a moderator of two Twitter chats, I wanted to make sure “my side” got heard. It isn’t always easy to get participants to engage in conversation on Twitter. But when you do, it is generally very beneficial to all that participate.

This led us to the notion that many times all we see on Twitter is a sanitized version of reality. Many educators don’t actually go to Twitter seeking help. Many of us go to show what awesomeness happened in our spaces that day. I am just as guilty as the next person. 

This leads me to ask, what didn’t work this week? Would you be willing to share that on Twitter in an effort to make improvements? I don’t mind starting. See you on Twitter. 

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