Once in a Lifetime


Each birthday only happens once in a lifetime. I know that right now you are thinking, well duh! Can you remember how you spent your last birthday? Today I turned 49. I’m not afraid to tell you this. The number is just a number. What I did today is WAY more important than the number itself.


You see I spent the day at the Orlando Learning Summit at Park Maitland school in Maitland, Florida. Many people would cringe at the thought of spending their birthday presenting ideas to other educators. For me, this was a very special opportunity.


When I arrived, Tanya Avrith, had already started her keynote address. I was bummed that I was late, but getting up earlier than 5:15 am on my birthday seemed like a little too much. I did get to hear amazing stories of the students she has taught or met through out her career. She spoke passionately about teaching students how to use social media to further their own passions for learning.

My two sessions were titled “Add Ons that Changed My Teaching”. You can see the presentation here. In this presentation, I was able to share with educators about a variety of extensions and add-ons that made my life and my students’ lives easier. There are so many others I could have added but each session was only an hour.

I love helping educators learn. Watching the passion they have for their classrooms and their students is amazing. Their passion fuels my fire for education. It was truly the type of day I only get to experience once in a life time, just like a birthday. I got to hang out with some friends, make some new friends, and return home to my family. What more could I ask for?




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