My 100 Words

Let me begin by saying this isn’t my idea. It came from a fellow educator, Jessie Boyce (@jessxbo) through another fellow educator, Dene Gainey (@dene_gainey). That’s how great ideas get started. One person after another. See Jessie’s blog post here and Dene’s here

At first glance, this seems like another call for buzzwords and platitudes. You may even read my 100 words and feel that’s what I provided. That’s okay. However, when I sat down to write my 100 words, it was anything but buzzwords and platitudes. It tugged at my memories. It made me remember the moments in my career that I cherish. It also made me remember the moments that almost made me leave the profession. There have been plenty of both.

Here are my 100 words about why I love teaching:

I love teaching because that a-ha moment is addictive. Once you have a student utter it, you want it to happen again and again. I love teaching because no two days are identical. What works today probably won’t work the same way tomorrow. I love teaching because it sometimes goes terribly wrong and that’s okay. I love teaching because I love having conversations with students about their futures. I get to see a bit of tomorrow begin to blossom right before my eyes. I love teaching because it calls me like an old friend welcoming me home with a present.

Yes, there are some statements there that almost every teacher will recognize. That doesn’t make them any less true for me. Thank you, Jessie and Dene, for the challenge. It’s does a body good to get back to why we do this job.


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