My Favorite #Hashtags

I have become a tweep (a person that connects to others through Twitter). I have found many resources both for my own professional development and for my personal use. I thought I would share my favorites here. (Note: All times are in EST.)


  • #Edumatch — Used to connect teachers around the world. Check it out at
  • #edchat — While there are several scheduled chats using this tag, it has become synonymous with general conversation about education of all levels.
  • #edtechchat — Used to connect all teachers interested in Educational Technology. Chat scheduled for Mondays at 8pm.
  • #ruraledchat — Used to connect teachers from rural areas.  Discusses issues specific to rural schools. Tuesdays at 8:30pm
  • #weirded — Moderated by @TheWeirdTeacher. This chat helps us have fun in the twitterverse. Wednesdays at 10pm.
  • #christianeducators — A chat designed to bring like minded educators together for spiritual uplifting.  Thursdays at 9pm.
  • #satchat — Used to connect educators on Saturday mornings at 7:30am.
  • #sunchat — Used to connect educators on Sunday mornings at 9am.
  • #BFC530 — A “spark” chat that lasts 15 min. and has only 1 question. It is a thought provoking way to start the day.

Subject/Level Specific

  • #msmathchat — Used to connect Middle School Math Teachers across the country. Chat scheduled for Mondays at 9pm.

Location Specific

While these hashtags are Country/State/Province specific, all chats welcome members from around the globe.

  • #FLedChat — Used to connect Florida Educators. — Chat scheduled for Wednesdays at 8pm.

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