I have several thought running through my head. There are several blog posts yet to write but I feel the need to get this one written right now. It isn't about the ISTE2015 conference that just ended yesterday in Philadelphia. But it is about the connections that will continue to be made because of that … Continue reading EdcampAirPort


Yesterday I had the privilege of attending Edcamp St. Augustine. I did not attend alone. Julie Dees (@juliedees72), the Culinary Arts teacher at Branford High School traveled with me. We were met there by two students of our students and their mother. They enjoyed Edcamp Branford last month so much they wanted to see it … Continue reading Yesterday

Twitter and a Beautiful Sunrise

This morning I stopped along the highway and took a picture of a beautiful sunrise. People driving by were looking at me like I was crazy. Before I drove off, I shared the picture and the experience with my fellow teachers on the BFC Lounge (A Voxer Chat for the #BFC530 Community). As we traveled … Continue reading Twitter and a Beautiful Sunrise

The Real Connections

This is Connected Educators month. So what? Every chat is talking about the power of being connected. When the same topic pops up in various chats, I start to ask why? Is this topic just the flavor of the week? Is there really that little to talk about? Or is there something else going on? … Continue reading The Real Connections