My Reflections on Edcamp Branford

The day isn't over, but our first ever EdcampBranford is done. I wanted to take a few moments to reflect on what I experienced. This morning I woke up at my normal time. But instead of taking time to get ready, I quickly gathered all that I needed and got on the road. Today was … Continue reading My Reflections on Edcamp Branford

Burnout — How I Turned Around

Twenty-four years ago, I sat in a church service. The pastor asked how many in the sanctuary actually enjoyed going to work. I was the only one that raised my hand. I was being honest. It was my very first year in the classroom. I truly loved watching my kids "get it". I loved watching … Continue reading Burnout — How I Turned Around

Early Adopter? Not me…oh wait, maybe I am.

My dear friend, Kerry, posed this question on the Voxer group BFC Lounge (see just a few minutes ago, "What is it that early adopters have that other teachers don't, that makes them willing to try stuff even if they're not sure it's going to work?" Here is my answer: As I look back … Continue reading Early Adopter? Not me…oh wait, maybe I am.