Miami Device — My Incredible Journey

Let me start off by saying I am incredibly blessed with an amazing PLN. They helped me create the video that got me to this amazing conference. (See the video.) They are always here to help whenever I need them. Everything they say about me is equally true about each of them. Because of their … Continue reading Miami Device — My Incredible Journey

Voxer — My Own Best Practices

The old is new again with Voxer.  Back is the Walkie-talkie.  Thousands of people are discovering this wonderful world of connecting via voice.  Voxer actually combines voice, text and pictures to give us a multi-sensory experience.   With this new "old" technology comes a need to develop new best practices.  Here is what I have … Continue reading Voxer — My Own Best Practices

A Whole New World

I've been given an amazing opportunity.  A blank slate.  As we speak, a new computer lab is being installed at my school.  I will be leading students through the world of IT for the first time on our campus.  I am excited, nervous, and generally insecure about how to impart the knowledge it has taken … Continue reading A Whole New World

The Power of the Twitter List

Once again I am giving props to Joe Mazza (@Joe_Mazza).  I happened upon another chat that Joe guest moderated.  This one is #nt2t (New Teachers to Twitter).  While I don't consider myself a newbie on Twitter any more, I do consider it my obligation to help those that are.  I started by lurking (like I … Continue reading The Power of the Twitter List