PD days for PLC Development

This year, my district has provided us with one full day each month for Professional Development. They've also decided we would create PLCs (Professional Learning Communities). I want to take a few moments and reflect on what I've learned so far this school year. First, I am so grateful that we truly value professional collaboration … Continue reading PD days for PLC Development

Voxer — My Own Best Practices

The old is new again with Voxer.  Back is the Walkie-talkie.  Thousands of people are discovering this wonderful world of connecting via voice.  Voxer actually combines voice, text and pictures to give us a multi-sensory experience.   With this new "old" technology comes a need to develop new best practices.  Here is what I have … Continue reading Voxer — My Own Best Practices

Something Different from #NT2t

Today I had the privilege to witness something different using Twitter.  This time instead of a steady conversation, there was a training -- a real live training. The goal of this week's #NT2t Chat (New Teachers to Twitter) was to provide those new to Twitter an opportunity to learn about some useful tools that partner very … Continue reading Something Different from #NT2t

I Think I Can Feel the Bottom…

I am from Florida.  I have lived here my entire life.  I have a confession.  I don't swim.  Well, that's not entirely true.  I can dog paddle but, don't ask me to save anyone.  I can barely get myself across a backyard swimming pool.  (But you're from Florida...) Yes, I'm from Florida and I don't … Continue reading I Think I Can Feel the Bottom…

A Whole New World

I've been given an amazing opportunity.  A blank slate.  As we speak, a new computer lab is being installed at my school.  I will be leading students through the world of IT for the first time on our campus.  I am excited, nervous, and generally insecure about how to impart the knowledge it has taken … Continue reading A Whole New World