Early Adopter? Not me…oh wait, maybe I am.

My dear friend, Kerry, posed this question on the Voxer group BFC Lounge (see bfc530.com) just a few minutes ago, "What is it that early adopters have that other teachers don't, that makes them willing to try stuff even if they're not sure it's going to work?" Here is my answer: As I look back … Continue reading Early Adopter? Not me…oh wait, maybe I am.

A Whole New World

I've been given an amazing opportunity.  A blank slate.  As we speak, a new computer lab is being installed at my school.  I will be leading students through the world of IT for the first time on our campus.  I am excited, nervous, and generally insecure about how to impart the knowledge it has taken … Continue reading A Whole New World

To Whom It May Concern…

To Whom It May Concern; For 23 years, I have given my all.  I have worked tirelessly for students that didn't appreciate the efforts.  Twenty-three years of lesson plans and grading papers.  Twenty-three years of providing supplies for students that didn't have any.  Twenty-three years of making sure there was food in my cabinet just … Continue reading To Whom It May Concern…

The Power of the Twitter List

Once again I am giving props to Joe Mazza (@Joe_Mazza).  I happened upon another chat that Joe guest moderated.  This one is #nt2t (New Teachers to Twitter).  While I don't consider myself a newbie on Twitter any more, I do consider it my obligation to help those that are.  I started by lurking (like I … Continue reading The Power of the Twitter List

Spring Break?

I've been away from this blog for far too long.  I realize that this is one of my favorite places.  I love sharing what my students are doing.  I also love reflecting on my days in the classroom. Now I am on Spring Break and I am wondering when the Break part is going to … Continue reading Spring Break?

A Pack of Cheap Paper Plates

What do 21st century classrooms look like? I guess that question is about as useful as those cheap paper plates.  You know the ones I mean.  The kind that you use when you could easily use a paper towel to hold a slice of pizza.  I mean really...what does that question really mean?  To me … Continue reading A Pack of Cheap Paper Plates