Summer Fun!

Today I was telling someone what I had planned for the summer. I am very excited about Edcamp Leon on June 13th. It coincides with Edcamp Volusia. My pre-service daughter, along with many of my connected educator peers, will be there. I'm hoping to do a Google Hangout to connect the two events. It is … Continue reading Summer Fun!

Not About Me

I've been nominated for a Bammy. Two weeks ago. I finally posted about it on Facebook yesterday. Many of my Twitter friends have been posting about it. I am completely honored and must admit a little embarrassed. It is very difficult for me to share about the things I've done this year. You see, I … Continue reading Not About Me

Miami Device — My Incredible Learning

Thursday: Day 1 It was truly two days of inspirational learning. Each session provided more and more ideas I want to try. Here is the line up I had on Thursday at Miami Device. My first session after the Keynote was "Comic Sans Isn't Professional" and was presented by Jeremy McDonald (@MrMacnology). I enjoyed his … Continue reading Miami Device — My Incredible Learning

The Real Connections

This is Connected Educators month. So what? Every chat is talking about the power of being connected. When the same topic pops up in various chats, I start to ask why? Is this topic just the flavor of the week? Is there really that little to talk about? Or is there something else going on? … Continue reading The Real Connections