My Reflections on Edcamp Branford

The day isn't over, but our first ever EdcampBranford is done. I wanted to take a few moments to reflect on what I experienced. This morning I woke up at my normal time. But instead of taking time to get ready, I quickly gathered all that I needed and got on the road. Today was … Continue reading My Reflections on Edcamp Branford

To Post or Not to Post — Chat Questions

There has been some conversation lately about the purpose of posting chat questions before the chat actually begins. I'm not here to judge or ridicule anyone's practices. I believe that this question is as personal as the Coke vs. Pepsi debate. But my own practices requires more than a few characters to explain. I don't usually … Continue reading To Post or Not to Post — Chat Questions

Pixelation on the Floor

I teach a Game Design class in a lab full of computers. My students have an amazing ability to let me know when they don't understand a concept. They ask questions! It really is an amazing experience. I encourage other students to try it. On a more serious note, this week we have been talking … Continue reading Pixelation on the Floor