A Few Presentation Options

Someone asked me about presentation options today. He wanted something a little different for his upcoming presentation. I don't know what he chose but I thought others may be interested. I also want to document the options I provided for future reference. All these options have a powerful "free" version. ThingLink This takes one image … Continue reading A Few Presentation Options


Yesterday I had the privilege of attending Edcamp St. Augustine. I did not attend alone. Julie Dees (@juliedees72), the Culinary Arts teacher at Branford High School traveled with me. We were met there by two students of our students and their mother. They enjoyed Edcamp Branford last month so much they wanted to see it … Continue reading Yesterday

The Anatomy of a Voxer Chat

There has been a lot of conversation on Voxer about what is the best type of chat. Here is my opinion, for what it is worth. Here are the links to my previous posts on Voxer: Voxer - My Own Best Practices More on Voxer One to One Chats: These are great for working on … Continue reading The Anatomy of a Voxer Chat

More on Voxer

Some time has past. I've been using Voxer now for about three months. Several people have commented on my previous post (Voxer -- My own Best Practices). There have been a number of discussions about what those best practices really are. ┬áSo I thought it might be time to re-address some of the ideas I've … Continue reading More on Voxer

EdcampLake — A Great Start

I must say, I am impressed. Today I witnessed an awesome example of collaboration. In Eustis, Florida, educators from all over the state came together to support each other. From the minute I arrived on the Eustis High School campus, I was greeted by smiling students. (Yes, they were smiling, at school on an early … Continue reading EdcampLake — A Great Start