Early Adopter? Not me…oh wait, maybe I am.

My dear friend, Kerry, posed this question on the Voxer group BFC Lounge (see bfc530.com) just a few minutes ago, "What is it that early adopters have that other teachers don't, that makes them willing to try stuff even if they're not sure it's going to work?" Here is my answer: As I look back … Continue reading Early Adopter? Not me…oh wait, maybe I am.

One Small Problem with Going Digital

This year I've been given an amazing opportunity to start a new program at my school.  I am now the Computer Apps teacher. I teach students in grades 6 through 12 the ins and outs of Microsoft Office. I am in a lab setting. Every student has a computer to use in class. I use … Continue reading One Small Problem with Going Digital

Week 5 — A Look Back & Look Forward

We have some developments. The network cables have been run. The electrician has arrived and is working every day after school to get the new power circuits ran. Step two is almost complete. The next step will be getting the hardware installed. We worked on understanding the 4 corners of a word document this week. … Continue reading Week 5 — A Look Back & Look Forward

I Think I Can Feel the Bottom…

I am from Florida.  I have lived here my entire life.  I have a confession.  I don't swim.  Well, that's not entirely true.  I can dog paddle but, don't ask me to save anyone.  I can barely get myself across a backyard swimming pool.  (But you're from Florida...) Yes, I'm from Florida and I don't … Continue reading I Think I Can Feel the Bottom…

I Need A Mentor.

    I am not a new teacher.  I am wrapping up my 23rd year in the classroom.  I mentor other teachers.  I'm one of the "Momma Teachers".  When I was asked if I was interested in starting a new Computer Science Academy on my campus next year, I was overjoyed.  I'll let you in … Continue reading I Need A Mentor.

Spring Break?

I've been away from this blog for far too long.  I realize that this is one of my favorite places.  I love sharing what my students are doing.  I also love reflecting on my days in the classroom. Now I am on Spring Break and I am wondering when the Break part is going to … Continue reading Spring Break?

Technology Integration…

Technology Integration is one of the current buzz words in the educational marketplace right now.  I have taught at schools where technology was a few calculators.  I have also taught at schools that have everything mounted, wireless internet, and the latest gadgets waiting for teachers to ask to use them.  Which do I think is … Continue reading Technology Integration…