Early Adopter? Not me…oh wait, maybe I am.

My dear friend, Kerry, posed this question on the Voxer group BFC Lounge (see bfc530.com) just a few minutes ago, "What is it that early adopters have that other teachers don't, that makes them willing to try stuff even if they're not sure it's going to work?" Here is my answer: As I look back … Continue reading Early Adopter? Not me…oh wait, maybe I am.

Twitter and a Beautiful Sunrise

This morning I stopped along the highway and took a picture of a beautiful sunrise. People driving by were looking at me like I was crazy. Before I drove off, I shared the picture and the experience with my fellow teachers on the BFC Lounge (A Voxer Chat for the #BFC530 Community). As we traveled … Continue reading Twitter and a Beautiful Sunrise

The Anatomy of a Voxer Chat

There has been a lot of conversation on Voxer about what is the best type of chat. Here is my opinion, for what it is worth. Here are the links to my previous posts on Voxer: Voxer - My Own Best Practices More on Voxer One to One Chats: These are great for working on … Continue reading The Anatomy of a Voxer Chat

More on Voxer

Some time has past. I've been using Voxer now for about three months. Several people have commented on my previous post (Voxer -- My own Best Practices). There have been a number of discussions about what those best practices really are.  So I thought it might be time to re-address some of the ideas I've … Continue reading More on Voxer